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Our parts department assists in providing you with quality parts for your Jeep, Chrysler, Ram or Dodge. We have OEM parts for all models of Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, and Jeep. If you are looking for Jeep parts so it can look the best it can, for repairs, or for any other needs- we have it!

What OEM Parts Are and their Benefits

OEM parts are original equipment manufacturer parts. This means you’re getting a part straight from who manufactured your vehicle. OEM parts mean you get guaranteed fit, quality, and function. Our OEM parts include warranties, have a superior quality, and reliability. Mopar parts are unmatched to its compatibility. With OEM Parts ensure that extra peace of mind. If anything happens to your part, you have no need to worry! Bring it back to us and we’ll do our best to fix the situation. OEM parts last longer due to their higher quality and function, so a warranty is only in place to keep this higher quality and function in mind. OEM parts also are designed specifically for your vehicle.

Why To Buy Firkins OEM Ram Chrysler Dodge Jeep Parts

We understand price can be a considerable factor when considering purchasing aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts do tend to cost less than Mopar parts upfront. However, overtime they become significantly less reliable. The lifetime and durability of keyword and OEM parts is significantly superior compared to aftermarket parts. A cheap aftermarket part may be alluring and attractive solely on price however, it’s been proven over time you’re likely to spend more than double on the same part when compared to just buying an OEM part. While you’re paying more upfront, overtime you’re going to be saving more and driving more compared to buying an aftermarket part. A significant problem with aftermarket parts is that these parts don’t guarantee quality and function or have warranties like OEM parts do.

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