Our Brandon Customers Love Firkins Cars!

Putting our Brandon customers in the cars of their dreams!

At Firkins, we know that whether you’re driving through Dinosaur World to the gorgeous and scenic Eureka Springs Park, or the towering Hard Rock Casino- you want a reliable car loaded with features. We want each of our customers to feel that they’re driving the best car in and out of our beautiful city! You should be driving a luxurious Chrysler 300 across Brandon from the fabulous Westfield Brandon after a long hard-earned day of shopping. Perhaps, maybe if that’s not your choice, how about a fun and feature-filled Jeep Wrangler to all our beautiful parks? Or how about a sleek, sporty, and fast Dodge Challenger along the coast? We want you to feel beyond you’re very best every time we drive. We want you to know every customer is appreciated and welcomed each time they walk through our doors. We do our best to accommodate and go above and beyond every customer. Our staff is dedicated to fitting you with the right Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or Ram!

Why Make The Drive From Brandon?

We understand that Brandon is one of the best cities in our Sunshine State and this means, you have a lot of options to buy cars right at home. At Firkins, our kind, caring, and knowledgeable team along with our low prices on our cars and trucks will make it worth the short drive. Brandon is where a majority of people who drive our cars come from! So, just ask your neighbors about Firkins today! If you’re interested in directions in some of the popular spots we named above to us, please refer to the maps below. At Firkins, we guarantee it’ll be worth the drive and the time whether you’re located in Brandon, Saint Pete, Sarasota, Clearwater, Orlando, or anywhere from far and wide. At Firkins, we believe in hospitality and appreciation for each and every person.