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Oil Filter Repair & Replacement Bradenton, FL

If you drive your car as much as we do, you most likely start your engine every day without thinking about why your car runs as well as it does. In fact, your car has a lot of moving parts, especially in your engine. Engines run on gasoline, but your car doesn’t function well without oil. Your car not only won’t run well without clean oil, it won’t run at all. Dirty oil leads to cars not living up to their gas mileage potential, and eventually, the engine will overheat. We protect your oil by using an oil filter to help keep your car’s oil as clean as possible. Here is some information on oil filters and their importance to your car’s engine.

Why Oil Filters?

All filters are built to filter out impurities. Whether you have a filter on your air conditioning, water supply, or computer, filters ensure that dirt, bugs, and other impurities don’t make it into your system. Oil filters help the oil lubricating your engine clean. The cleaner your oil is, the better for your engine and the more fuel-efficient your car will be.

What Should I Know About Oil Filters?

When it comes to oil filters, they are not all made alike. You’ll want the car maker’s oil filter for your car. That’s because manufacturer’s parts, like oil filters, are made to your car’s exact specifications. For example, your car manufacturer’s oil filter will have a mechanism to prevent dirty oil from draining back into the oil pan if the engine is not on. Your oil filter will also have a tight seal if it comes from your manufacturer, where a generic oil may not. Also, your oil filter from the manufacturer will be made of quality materials, while a generic filter will not have the same standard.

In other words, if you want your car’s engine to last, be sure to have your oil changed and your oil filter replaced every time the manufacturer suggests it. That way, you’ll be able to keep your car in good shape and running well for years.

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