Firkins’ Sponsorship of the PACE Center for Girls

Empowering Young Dreams, One Girl at a Time.

Duck Race

Join Firkins in supporting the PACE Center for Girls in Bradenton. In the heart of Bradenton lies an organization that champions the cause of young girls, ensuring they grow into strong, confident, and empowered women. The PACE Center for Girls has long been a beacon of hope, offering academic support, counseling, and training to help girls overcome challenges and reach their full potential. At Firkins CJDR, we have proudly supported and sponsored this remarkable organization, a relationship we hold close to our hearts and intend to nurture for years to come.The PACE Center for Girls is more than just an institution; it’s a lifeline for many young girls in the Bradenton Area. Their holistic, gender-responsive programs focus on the unique needs of girls, ensuring they have the tools, resources, and support necessary to thrive in today’s world. Their mission resonates deeply with our core values at Firkins CJDR, so we wholeheartedly believe in their cause and encourage other local businesses to join us in sponsoring and supporting this pivotal organization.

One of the ways we show our support is by hosting the annual Ducktail party and Duck tagging events, both leading up to the much-anticipated Duck race. This race is a testament to the community’s camaraderie and the largest donation event for the PACE Center every year. Through the Duck Race, the PACE Center can garner the funds needed to continue its exceptional work, touching the lives of countless young girls.

The sight of rubber ducks racing, the laughter and joy echoing through the crowd, and the shared sense of purpose all testify to what communities can achieve when they come together for a noble cause. The Duck race has become more than just an event; it symbolizes hope, unity, and the promise of a brighter future for our young girls.

To local businesses pondering where to invest their charitable efforts, we pose this – what could be more rewarding than shaping the futures of our next generation? The PACE Center for Girls offers a tangible and profound impact on the lives of countless girls. Your sponsorship could make a difference in ensuring these young girls have every opportunity to succeed.