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Interested in leasing a vehicle? One of the reasons you are probably considering leasing is because it is a hassle-free way of getting behind the wheel of a car. However, it isn’t always hassle-free, especially if your vehicle gets damaged. That is where lease excess wear and tear comes into play.

Everyday driving results in wear and tear. Whether you get small dings and dents in your vehicle, scratches, or worn tires, these types of damages are to be expected. However, you have to pay for these damages when returning your vehicle at the end of its lease. This could cause you to spend more money on a lease than you were planning. Instead of exceeding your budget and finding yourself in a difficult financial circumstance, consider lease excess wear and tear coverage. This coverage can save you from the unexpected costs caused by wear and tear.

Lease excess wear and tear coverage can waive up to $7,500 for excess wear and tear repairs to the following parts of a vehicle; belts and hoses; moldings, trim, metal, chrome; door handles; name plates, badges, and hood ornaments; mirrors; rubber door seals; truck bed liners; carpets; upholstery and interior; convertible, padded vinyl tops; factory audio equipment; wheels and wheel covers; bumpers, step bumpers, surrounding trim; headlamps, tail lamps, light bulbs; windshield and glass; exterior dents and dings; paint; and tires.

You may not even think about some of these parts of your vehicle during your lease period. If any of these parts experience damage, you can have peace of mind knowing lease excess wear and tear coverage has you covered. Consider investing in this coverage when leasing a vehicle from Firkins CDJR. If you want more information about the warranties and protection plans we have available, you can browse our website. You can also call our sales staff at 941-748-6510. To check out our inventory for yourself and test drive the vehicles you have your eye on, visit Firkins CDJR at 2700 1st Street in Bradenton, Florida. We look forward to working with you soon!

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