Tire Alignment Service in Bradenton, FL

Tire Alignment

While some automotive issues might grab your attention right away, others develop over time. When your vehicle’s suspension is out of alignment, the off-balance ride will start to wear down your tires with pressure unevenly placed on the tread. This will significantly impact the quality of your tires, the smoothness of your ride, and your overall safety on the road, so it’s important to have your suspension properly aligned before it becomes a more costly concern. 

Your suspension system has to perform under pressure, and a hard impact with a stray pothole, speedbump, or curb can be just enough to throw it off its finely-tuned balance. The result will be an uneven ride and the shortened lifespan of your tires. That’s why we encourage you to bring your vehicle to Firkins Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM for expert service whenever you think your vehicle needs help. 

Signs That You Need Alignment Service

If your car has previously been in an accident, experienced a jarring impact with a pothole, or just been riding for a long time on old springs, its alignment might be off balance. Whenever you’ve felt a hard bump in the road, keep an eye on your tires afterward to look for signs of an alignment issue. You might notice that the tread is not wearing evenly. As you drive, see if you can feel the car pulling to the side or wobbling. 

Schedule Your Service at Firkins Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM

If you think your vehicle is due for alignment service, we invite you to bring it to our service department in Bradenton. You can always count on the professionals at Firkins Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM to handle your vehicle’s needs with trained expertise, so schedule your next appointment with us to see the difference our team can make for you. Don’t forget to ask about our service deals to save on your maintenance.

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